Weight is a measure that determines how much resistance to knockback a character has.

Note: This list gets updated when new characters are added.

Types of weight classesEdit

  • Light: (-80) Easiest to KO and get sent off stage at lower percents. Most characters in this category have a small frame.
  • Medium-light: (81-89) Middleground between light and medium characters.
  • Medium: (91-100) They are neither easy nor hard to KO as their weight doesn't present neither clear advantages
  • Medium-heavy: (101-110) Middleground between medium and heavy characters. They can be easily comboed until medium percents, they're harder to KO then medium weights, but can die earlier then heavies.
  • Heavy: (111-) Hardest to KO and send off stage. Most have a large frame.

Ranking ListEdit

Character Weight Class Weight
Dr. Robotnik Heavy 130
Dr. Wily 128
King Harkinian 124
Billy Mays 122
Hank Hill 120
Irate Gamer 119
New Hercules 117
Carlos Trejo 115
Bison 112
Guile 111
Leonidas Medium-heavy 110
Gaston 108
Sheev Palpatine 106
Jaime Maussan 105
I.M. Meen 104
Frollo 102
Best Hercules 101
J. Jonah Jameson Medium 100
Nicolas Cage 99
Tommy Wiseau
Angry Video Game Nerd 98
Nostalgia Critic
Weird Al 96
Zoolander 93
Hitler Medium-light 90
Mama Luigi 86
Scanty 84
Stocking 83
Panty 82
Kneesocks 81
Don Ramon Light 80
Aya 78
Yomika 75
Madotsuki 74
Mary 72
Ib 70
Codec Snake 68