Toon Mario
It's Supa MariO!
Universe Mario
First appearance The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Type Airborne, Leaping, Ranged
Effect Pound (Stomps)
Explosive (Fireballs)
Usefulness Pretty Good

Toon Mario is an Assist Trophy in Smash Bros. Lawl.

Character description Edit

Toon Mario is the brother of Mama Luigi and a main protagonist of The Super Mario Bros. Super Show, where he tries to stop King Koopa's mischievous schemes, like kidnapping the princess 'again', or giving everyone in New York City a king koopa head for some reason. Some of Mario's abilities is giving hefty stomps onto enemies with his bare shoes, and being able to shoot fireballs from his finger if he gets a Fire Flower.

In Smash Bros. Lawl Edit

He transforms into 'Super Mario', aka, Fire Mario, and starts to fly stationary in the air for a few seconds while stating that he's Super Mario, afterwards he attacks his opponents 5 times by both stomping on them and shooting explosive fireballs from his finger at the ground, presumably towards the other opponents.

Gallery Edit