The Roof
Wiseau Films
Universe Wiseau Films
Appearance Smash Bros. Lawl
Home stage Tommy Wiseau
Size Small
Availability Starter
Music track(s)
  • Battle with Chris R
  • The Room (Metal Style)
  • The Room (Rock Style)
  • Party Theme (The Room Tribute)
  • Main Theme (The Room)

The Roof is Tommy Wiseau's stage in Smash Bros. Lawl.

Layout Edit

Originally, The Roof was a large box-like stage with thick corners on each side that were standable, with a small gap leading offscreen. During Best Hercules' moveset video, the stage was compressed to match the size of Madotsuki's Balcony, however still retaining its thick ledges and adding a solitary platform above the battleground. The door leading up to the roofs (which appears in Wiseau's entrance), was added. As of Sheev’s moveset video, the corners were removed, the singular platform was replaced by 5 small platforms, and 2 chairs and a table were added to the background.

Kruel KO Edit

Music Edit

Title Description Composition and arrangements
Battle With Chris R Source: The Room Tribute
Composer: Oney
The Room (Metal Style) Source: The Room
Arrangement: Tower of Wankers
The Room (Rock Style) Source: The Room
Arrangement: Loganberrymusic
Party Theme (The Room Tribute) Source: The Room Tribute
Composer: Oney
Main Theme (The Room) Source: The Room
Composer: Maden Milicevic

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