The Subspace Army is the major antagonist group of Smash Bros. Lawl's Subspace Emissary. Its motives are currently unknown, though its members share a common goal. The army's weapons include Subspace Bombs, R.O.B. activated bombs that engulf mass areas into Subspace, Dark Cannons, large guns their wielders use to capture fighters, and Shadow Bugs, a purple substance that clones trophied fighters and creates the army's soldiers.

Major members Edit

  • Dr. Robotnik:
  • The Bores: The Irate Gamer is, obviously, the weakest member of the Army with plenty of flawls. He is so laughably weak, the only way he can be threatening is when he sends others to fight for him. That, and he was able to manipulate the Shadow Bugs to trap and (almost successfully) capture the Nostalgia Critic, Madotsuki and Tommy Wiseau. He even created a Shadow Bug clone of himself that posed almost as big a threat as he himself is. Too bad the Shadow Bugs are more competent than Chris...
  • Hitler: Adolf Hitler and his Bunker comrades, appear to be important members of the Army. While Hitler himself has a short fuse that can ignite some angry rants, his comrades (like Günsche) are more than willing to help out their Führer. So far, Hitler was able to extract Mary from Guertena's painting world, while making her a member of the army.
  • Bison:
  • Xerxes:
  • Carlos Trejo:
  • Dr. Wily:
  • Mary: The youngest member of the army. She has a childlike behavior. Hitler and Günsche release her from her painting because the duo detected a powerful energy from the art gallery and also because she's "Aryan".

Boss members Edit

Enemy divisions Edit

Weapons Edit

  • Subspace Bomb
  • Dark Cannons
  • Eggmobile (used by Dr. Robotnik)
  • Shadaloo Hovercraft Unit (used by Balrog)