Real City
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Appearance Smash Bros. Lawl
Home stage AVGN
Nostalgia Critic
The Bores
Tommy Wiseau

Real City is a subspace emissary stage in Smash Bros Lawl and home to The Nostalgia Critic, the Angry Video Game Nerd, Tommy Wiseau, Madotsuki & The Irate Gamer.


In the distance a figure is seen running at a fast pace. When it approaches the city and runs on its streets, it is revealed to be none other than The Nostalgia Critic, off to beat the Nerd. Once arriving at the Nerd's home, the Nerd and the Critic commence fighting after a punch and a tackle. After the Nerd kicks the Critic's ass, and while they argue about boxes, the Irate Gamer appears, utilizing the opportunity to trophify the Nerd. When the Critic tries to shoot him, IG summons the Game Genie to deal with NC while he escapes with the Nerd on his bike. He defeats the Genie, and notices the bicycle tracks left behind by IG outside. Naturally, he decides to follow them, dealing with members of the Subspace Army on the way.

While continuing his trek, Tommy Wiseau notices him walking about, and remembers the harsh words he said about his movie, The Room. He jumps off The Roof, challenging and fighting the Critic. He loses, though, as the Nostalgia Critic laughs at his trophy. Meanwhile, Ganondorf gives Irate Gamer the signal to set off the Subspace Bomb, which is what two ROBs at the Nerd's room do. The bomb is set off, engulfing the city. The Critic, noticing this, decides to save Tommy Wiseau, as the two set off running and eventually outspending it with the power of Mako. Meanwhile, at Madotsuki's Balcony, Madotsuki wakes up from another nightmarish dream. She goes to her desk to reflect upon it all, including the Toriningen party, Kyukyu Kun, the Face, and Big Red, while dipping her head down in depression. When walking outside, she notices the incoming Subspace Bomb, and panics. The Critic, flying with Wiseau, decides to save Madotsuki by grabbing her before the bomb hits.

The three are later seen in a field, sadly reflecting on all their prior events; The Critic on all the good times he had rivaling the Nerd, Wiseau on the memories of Doggy petting and foorball destroyed by the Subspace bomb, and Madotsuki recalling her nightmare and near death experience. The Nostalgia Critic declares this to be the saddest nostalgic moment.

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  • At one point, Banjo's house from Banjo-Kazooie can be seen in the city.
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