Meen's Lair
IM Meen
Universe I.M. Meen
Appearance Smash Bros. Lawl
Home stage I.M. Meen
Size ???
Availability Starter
Music track(s)
  • I.M. CRAZY
  • Library Guardian Attack
  • Sewer and Caves
  • Tower
  • Shadow Temple

Meen's Lair is I.M. Meen's stage in Smash Bros. Lawl. On occasion, hazards will magically and randomly appear on the stage. On either sides, Stone Gargoyles with skull faces can appear either one at a time or both. Stone blocks with Meen's face will appear as platforms arranged in a style similar to Lava Ride, however the platforms are cubic. The door on the right-hand side will occasionally open, with spiders, gnomes and other creatures patrolling the stage.

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Hazard Edit

Kruel KO Edit

On Meen's Lair, along with meeting the other Kruel KO requirements, the opponent must be KO'd horizontally to the right. Then, the opponent will be flung into a cage, locked in, while a demented Meen laugh can be heard.

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Music Edit

Title Description Composition and arrangements
I.M. CRAZY Source: Youtube Poop Music Video
Arrangement: CommanderGwonam
Library Guardian Attack Source: I.M. Meen
Composer: Tony Trippi
Sewer and Caves Source: I.M. Meen
Composer: Tony Trippi
Tower Source: I.M. Meen
Composer: Tony Trippi
Shadow Temple Source: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Composer: Koji Kondo

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