Kyle Justin
He's the Angry, Video Game, Nerrrrrd~
Universe Angry Video Game Nerd
First appearance The Angry Video Game Nerd (2004)
Type Melee
Effect Pound (Guitar Swing)

Kyle Justin is an Assist Trophy in Smash Bros. Lawl

Character descriptionEdit

Kyle Justin is most well-known as the guitarist who did the theme song for James Rolfe's web series: Angry Video Game Nerd. He also appeared in one of the Nostalgia Critic vs. AVGN videos as AVGN's ally, which is where he gets his attacks from in Lawl.

In Smash Bros. LawlEdit

When summoned, lighting strikes down to his guitar, which damages anyone who touch it. He then swings his guitar back and forth (With voices in the background going "wo-OA-Oh, wo-OA-Oh"), dealing good knockback and damages, however, since his guitar is so heavy, he moves really slow and is able to fall of cliffs.