Home Stage is the stage that is most commonly associated with a character. They appear with said character when fought with in Classic Mode (minus the Major Rivals, who are currently fought on Final Destination).

The only characters without a unique Home Stage are Carlos Trejo, Codec Snake, and Mary (With Carlos and Mary borrowing someone-else's stage and Codec Snake just not having a stage at all).

Character(s) Home stage(s)
AVGN Angry Video Game Nerd's Room
Aya Alfred's Laboratory
Best Hercules Best Colisseum
Billy Mays Infomercialand
Bison Bison's Base
Codec Snake N/A
Don Ramon La Vecindad
Dr. Wily Skull Fortress
Frollo The Cathredral
Gaston Gaston's Pub
Guile The Plane
Hank Hill Strickland Propane
Haruhi North High
Hitler Outside the Führerbunker and Krebs' map room
Ib, Mary Guertana Gallery
I.M. Meen Meen's Lair
Irate Gamer Irate Gamer's Room
Jaime Maussan, Carlos Trejo Otro Rollo
J. Jonah Jameson Daily Bugle
King Harkinian Koridai
Leonidas Spartan Pit
Madotsuki Madotsuki's Balcony
Mama Luigi Lava Ride
Mephiles & Fegelein (N/A for the moment, possibly World Taste since their pairing is from The Frollo Show)
New Hercules New Olimp
Nicolas Cage Summerisle
Nostalgia Critic Kickassia
Panty & Stocking Daten City Church
Pyron (N/A for the moment)
Dr. Robotnik Robotnik's Lair
Scanty & Kneesocks Hell's Gate
Sheev Palpatine Dex’s Diner
Tommy Wiseau The Roof
Weird Al Mandatory World Tour
Yomika Underground Station and another Yume Graffiti stage.
Zoolander Relaxation Time Land