IM Meen
You must free the other children!
Universe I.M. Meen
First appearance I.M. Meen (1995)
Type Teleportation, Homing-Ranged, Melee
Effect Shing (Punches)
Pound (Orbs)
Gnorris is an Assist Trophy that appears in Smash Bros. Lawl

Origin Edit

Gnorris is a gnome in I.M. Meen's army, who decides to go rogue and free the player character from their cell, telling them to help free the other children, along with giving them a crystal orb for them to communicate through. Afterwards, Gnorris becomes a reoccurring character in the game, helping to give the player tips, helping to aid them during the scroll sections, and occasionally even being mentioned in the scrolls themselves.

In Smash Bros. Lawl Edit

When summoned, Gnorris teleports (After shouting "Take this-!") to an opponent and punch them, or an orb (projectile) that flies toward them. Both attacks deal a lil' knockback, and Gnorris will disappear after unleashing his fury 4 or 5 times.

Gallery Edit


I.M Meen Cutscenes- Gnorris's Guidance (Normal-Motion)

All of Gnorris' animated cutscenes in one video.