CDI Ganon
Cdiganonface 2
Zelda symbol
"I will make your face the GREATEST in Koridai!"
Universe The Legend of Zelda
First appearance Link: The Faces of Evil (1993)
Zelda: Wand of Gamelon (1993)
Type Offense


Effect Shock

CDI Ganon is an Assist Trophy who appears in Smash Bros Lawl.

In Smash Bros. LawlEdit

When summoned, CDI Ganon shouts "YOU MUST DIE!" as he ascends to the top of the screen, before shooting massive rays of lightning randomly from side-to-side. The rays deal 25% shock damage and high knockback. After shooting about 7 times, CDI Ganon shouts "Great!" before disappearing.

Origin Edit

CDI Ganon's assist trophy is based of the cutscene before his battle in Wand of Gamelon, where he says "AAh, YOU DARE BRING THE LIGHT TO MY LAIR?! YOU MUST DIE!" Before zapping lightning in-front of Zelda.

Trivia Edit


Screenshot (4)

CDI Ganon's trophy.

Ganon Lightning

CDI Ganon shooting-out lightning.

Smash Bros Lawl Assist Trophies volume I

Smash Bros Lawl Assist Trophies volume I

CDI Ganon can be found at about 3:08 in the original video.