Final Forest
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Appearance Smash Bros. Lawl

Final Forest is a subspace emissary stage in Smash Bros. Lawl.

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At his base, Dr. Robotnik gives a speech to his minions on why he hates I.M. Meen. So to get revenge on Meen, he sends some Badniks to attack him while Meen searches for King Harkinian. He also sends Scratch with a Subspace Bomb to engulf the forest. Ultimately, Scratch and the Badniks' attempts to defeat Meen fail, and the Subspace Bomb is sabatoged by Meen.

When continuing his search, Meen comes across one of King Dedede's timed badges on the ground. This leaves him vulnerable to a Dark Cannon shot from behind, turning him into a trophy. The camera reveals that Gaston trophied him. Hearing the shot from a distance, Leonidas charges toward Gaston while Gaston charges up his Dark Cannon, only for it to be destroyed by King Harknian's dinner. Leonidas is stopped by Frollo arriving on time to save Gaston, and the two groups fight. The two kings win and revive Meen, who reunites with them. Meen follows the kings on their adventure, but not before picking up the badge he found. After he leaves, the camera zooms out to Gaston's and Frollo's trophied bodies, each having a badge attached to them.

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