False Characters
False versions of The King's statue, Nostalgia Critic, and the Bores.
Universe Super Smash Bros.
First appearance Smash Bros. Lawl
False characters are minibosses in the Subspace Emissary, being the result of trophies duplicated by Shadow Bugs. All of them are clones of the playable characters made from Shadow Bugs, having a purple tint and glowing yellow eyes. Like the original characters, they revert into trophies upon defeat, but the duplicate trophies dissolve afterwards. Unlike in the original Subspace Emissary, they are not voiceless.

Notable False Characters Edit

False King Statue Edit


"Mah Bois!"

The False King Statue is a possessed version of the statue of King Harkinian, which is fought at Hyrule.

When the real King Harkinian and I.M. Meen wipe out the invading Subspace Army forces, the Shadow Bugs that created the troops retreat and possess The King's statue, bringing it to life. The King and I.M. Meen laugh at the invaders' defeat until they see the possessed statue, shocked.

The False King Statue is larger than the real King Harkinian, with its attacks doing more damage, but otherwise looks the same, minus the rocky structure. After its defeat, the Shadow Bugs vaporize, and the statue's head crumbles off. It's the only false character to not have a purple tint.

False Nostalgia Critic Edit


"Hello, I'm the Evil Nostalgia Critic!"

A Shadow Bug copy of the Nostalgia Critic, fought at Bicycle Tracks.

The clone is created by the Irate Gamer, who trophied the real Critic. It shoots a butterfly Tommy Wiseau is chasing after, getting his attention. Madotsuki appears and finds Tommy and the Critic clone, noticing that Tommy is about to destroy the copy. Unfortunately, Madotsuki mistakes the clone for the real Nostalgia Critic, forcing Tommy Wiseau to fight both Madotsuki and the false Nostalgia Critic alone.

When the false Nostalgia Critic is defeated, the trophy simply degrades back into Shadow Bugs. Madotsuki is saddened by this, and Tommy Wiseau utters another Wiseauism.

False Irate Gamer Edit


"Uh, yeah, YA THINK?!"

A Shadow Bug copy of the Bores, also fought at Bicycle Tracks.

After it trophies the Nostalgia Critic, it lures Madotsuki and Tommy Wiseau into a trap to turn them into trophies. It later pops out of a bush to fight the three heroes. Nostalgia Critic taunts the Irate Gamer clone by laughing maniacally until the clone gains more Shadow Bugs, tripling its size. Due to its size, the false Irate Gamer is very heavy and strong. However, its huge hitbox and weight can be exploited.

How this copy came into existence is unknown, but it's possible that Bores ordered some Shadow Bugs to clone him and serve as his decoy and second-in-command.