Carlos Trejo uses this list when his Presumido Final Smash is activated. When there's only one opponent in the arena, he/she will have a statue of Carlos dropped at them from the heavens, giving 100% damage and decent knockback from the statue. However, when there's more then one foe, he'll drop the statue on the opponent he hates the most. He's generally more likely to hate opponents with heavily rivaling egos, people that could provide good paranormal evidence, other investigators, and THAT CHARLATAN JAIME MAUSSAN.

Note: This list gets updated when new characters are added.

Ranking ListEdit


2. Haruhi

3. Irate Gamer

4. Gaston

5. Frollo

6-7. Guile

6-7. Bison

8. Dr. Wily

9. Zoolander

10. Best Hercules

11. Tommy Wiseau

12. Nicolas Cage

13. Aya

14. Dr. Robotnik

15. Codec Snake

16. J Jonah Jameson

17. Hitler

18. I.M. Meen

19. Weird Al

20-21. Scanty

20-21. Kneesocks

22. Panty

23. Stocking

24. Mary

25. Ib

26. Madotsuki

27. Yomika

28. Don Ramon

29. Billy Mays

30. The King

31. Leonidas

32. Nostalgia Critic

33. AVGN

34. Hank Hill

35. New Hercules

36. Mama Luigi

37. Himself