Camp of Stars is the 10th Chapter of the Subspace Emissary


In a seemingly empty field, a running Haruhi and a slowly walking Jaime Maussan approach an empty field. Haruhi complains about Jaime's slow speed, as they are inclined to find more Extraterrestrial activity and evidence. Meanwhile, Pyron is seen in space, watching Panty & Stocking fight off Shadaloo Guards. Wanting to collect their beauty, Pyron orders his computer to send him to their location. However, he is sent to the wrong area, and while he rants about his misfortune, Haruhi and Jaime see this as an opportunity to collect extraterrestrial evidence. They beat Pyron, and are about to collect their evidence. Instead, Carlos Trejo, the Mexican ghost hunter, snags the Pyron trophy. Trejo begins chewing out Jaime and Haruhi, while sending his biker friends to deal with the two. The ufologists take care of the bikers, and begin following the conveniently left behind bike tracks.

At his tent, Trejo begins communicating with Dr. Wily about the two. He informs Wily that he will recruit and send out more bikers to deal with the ufologists. It is then revealed that the tent is outside the Drevis Mansion, which is now burnt to rubble. Trejo, commentating on the ruins, mentions the screams of a little girl can be heard.


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Smash Bros Lawl Subspace Emissary - Camp of Stars

Smash Bros Lawl Subspace Emissary - Camp of Stars

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