Big Red
Universe Yume Nikki
First appearance Yume Nikki (2004)

Big Red is a large red creature, hence the name, that appears as a boss in The Subspace Emissary.

Role in The Subspace Emissary Edit

Madotsuki, trapped inside one of her twisted dreams, has no choice but to explore. She ends up travelling into the sewers, and encounters Big Red. Big Red attacks her, but she is able to greatly wound him. However, as he is dying, he lunges at Madotsuki one last time. Before he can reach her, he is shot by the Nostalgia Critic, causing him to explode. Madotsuki and the Critic then escape from the sewers, hiding behind a Coke machine to protect themselves from the blast.

Moveset Edit

  • Big Red will lunge at the player, swallowing the character and cause an instant KO.
  • If the first attack misses, Big Red will summon a red arm from the left side of the screen to knock the player into its mouth. The player can attack the arm to stun it. Kyukyu-Kun will then appear to rub the arm.
  • Big Red will lunge from the top of the screen to try and swallow the player. If it's tricked to close its mouth on Kyukyu-Kun, it will be vulnerable to attack.

Origin Edit

Big Red is a decorative character found at the end of The Sewers in Yume Nikki. When Madotsuki walks into its gaping maw, she is transported to the Windmill World. It does not have an arm in its original game.

Gallery Edit